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Top 10 Music Venues in Chicago — and how to get there!

Credit to the Chicago Data Portal for data on where each ‘L’ train is located (

Oftentimes, people will ask me where the best music venues in Chicago are. Obviously, everyone has their own opinion, but I have been to A LOT of shows over the past few years.

By now, I have attended almost every single music venue in the city (and there are a ton!). I compiled a list of my favorite music venues for you guys, such as Lincoln Hall and Thalia Hall, and put them in a map!

But that’s not all! Getting to venues can be a PAIN, especially when you are a college student trying to save a few bucks. I decided to also map out where each individual ‘L’ train stop is throughout the city, so you can figure out how to get to each of my favorite music venues from your current location.

In the past when I would try to figure out where the closest public transit was to a venue, I would have a rough time locating it based on Google. Hopefully this map will make your lives a little bit easier!


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