Welcome to Chicago Muse!

Hey guys! This is just a little introductory post all about Chicago Muse! I’m so excited to get started with this site. I already work for another music-focused blog, The Chicago Vibe (which you should totally check out!), which covers everything in the music industry. With this blog, I am looking to focus on one specific part of the music scene: Chicago’s music business industry.

I was inspired to create this blog because as a student minoring in music business, I noticed that there are not a lot of opportunities for my peers and I to get information on how to pursue a career in this field. My goal is for Chicago Muse to provide weekly interviews with professionals who currently work in the music industry and Chicago, and also spotlight students who have internships/jobs in the music industry as well!

Hopefully these individuals that are featured on here will be able to inspire you in pursuing your careers (hence the name ‘muse’) and give you some insight on the music industry!

xo, Emily


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